You Sparkle Inside is a kid’s book written by Rachel Kann and illustrated by Rin Colabucci. This picture book teaches children how much they are loved, how special they are and how they can share that beauty and knowledge with others. It has a message for the child in us all: We’re made of atoms. That’s what stars are made of. Keep shining! Available in hard or soft cover.

“‘Your very being is a map of eternity,’ writes Rachel Kann in A Prayer on Behalf of the Broken Heart, a book best experienced as just that: a field guide to endurance and the interminable foreverness of G-d. But it’s more than that. These poems teach us that there is beauty in brokenness.
Jill Alexander Essbaum, New York Times best-selling author and poet

On The Upward Spiral, a collaborative album created with producer-DJ-polymath Joshua Jaz 1 Newborn, Rachel’s poetry is set to ambient electronic beats by Jaz 1, with an incredible amount of loving care and attention. Includes poems like “Out” and “High.” Featuring guest spots from Elle Spencer Lewis on vocals and Jaewon Choe on guitar. Dancing to poetry is encouraged!

A Realize Paradise Bespoke Blend is an essential oil and crystal concoction created to honor your specific needs. Rachel is a certified Reiki master and a certified Jewish energy healer, as well as being initiated as a tzovah by Kohenet. She works with a tree of life map of energy centers called sephirot (akin to chakras.) She deepened her relationship to plants and chants in a shamanic apprenticeship.