You Sparkle  

You Sparkle Inside is my brand-new children’s book with illustrations by painter Rin Colabucci.

We believe it’s high time for this message, and we are ready to share it with all children (of all ages!) on this big beautiful planet of ours.

Here’s the gist: You are made out of atoms. That’s what stars are made out of. Hence, you are made of starstuff, which is awesome. We are all made of startstuff. Some people forget they are made of starstuff. Don’t let them get you down. We need you to shine. When you shine, we remember to shine, too!

You Sparkle Inside was launched at RuPaul’s DragCon LA, where it was the featured book in Drag Queen Story Hour presented by Mrs. Kasha Davis.

Check out the video below to hear me read the entire book to you and feast your eyes on Rin Colabucci’s exquisite illustrations as well as the totally inspired design and layout by Emily Sperling, all accompanied by Brock Pollock on guitar.

The impact of this book (a years-long labor of love that came to fruition right on time,) has already exceeded all my expectation. I am having more fun than I could have imagined, because the wisdom, joy and depth with which children respond to it blows my mind, blasts my heart open, and teaches me so much.

This article by Lela Casey captures that magic:
You Sparkle Inside Comforted My Grieving Daughter

“It makes me think of Grandpa. How, even though he died last summer, he might still be somewhere… and he’s probably still sparkly.”
– Evie Casey, age 8