I Call on You to Remember You
…back before you became your own wet metaphor,
the innocent kid who turned cartwheels
naked, shameless and pure.
That wild girl who walked into the ocean,
delighting in the cold bite.
The dreamer who believed
in infinity’s limitless possibility.
The precocious princess
not yet stripped of her intuition…

—Excerpt from “Mermaid Esther” by Rachel Kann

Now’s the Time for Realignment
Somewhere on the journey between birth and
This earthly moment,
Your heart got broken.
Life got thwarted and distorted.
Predators and manipulators did their dirty work:
They predictably preyed and manipulated.
You were wronged and that ain’t right.

—Excerpt from “Out” by Rachel Kann

I Don’t Fit in this Life Right.
What can I say?
Some of us are just born with
This misfit status of awkwardness
That makes a skinsuit feel like a prison
That we just wanna get sprung from.
Yeah, I get bruised,
Yeah, I get all confused
I don’t fit in this life right.

—Excerpt from “Cosmic Carrot” by Rachel Kann

You’re in your suit of armor.
In terms of efficacy, it’s amazing.
You can ride in, guns a-blazing.
It’s so easy to be brazen about the parts that you can face
and then stay frozen in a defensive pose
when you think you already know how the story goes,
but it’s infinitely trickier to listen to the little whispering
of your most intimate mystery.

—Excerpt from “When Was the Last Time You Scared Yourself?” by Rachel Kann

I am here to sing the song of your pain. My outsider heart can contain all of your suffering. I will abide and chant you into healing, revealing the sweetness of your deepest inner being.

Warm your lonely bones by my campfire. I’m getting off on your grace. What I’m saying is, yo: you’re my freaking hero.

There is value in suffering and surviving. I am grateful to you for remaining alive. I’m in awe of you. I honor you. I am unwilling to give up on you.

When the darkness comes, when you can’t see your own beauty, babe, let me show it to you.

All this professed independence and self-sufficiency sounds excellent in theory, and yet, I am here to reveal something simultaneously ancient and revolutionary: in this very moment, we are believing each other into being.

We need one another in the dearest, most etheric sense.

—Excerpt from “Outsider” by Rachel Kann

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today as the Village of Oddballs.
The tribe of glorious monsters.
We are the fat-souled inhabitants of this fabulous planet.
We do not fit the constrainments of the tiny-minded.
There is no more time for self-diminishment to alleviate the discomfort of others.
We sing full-throated and laugh loudly.
We are not threatened by human moonbeams shining their respective light.
In fact, we’d ignite it for them.
We delight in it.
We thrive in it.

Me personally? This oddball? I’d rather be ingathering.
This just might be go-time.
Dearly Beloved, we are reunited and it feels so good.
—Excerpt from “The Ballad of Odd Lily” by Rachel Kann