Rachel Live

I take the opportunity to stand onstage behind a microphone as a sacred gift to celebrate and a joyous responsibility.

To be truly seen and heard is a gift beyond measure.

Because I am grateful for your gift, my performance is infused with one simple intention: to humbly be of service and bring word-medicine that calls you into the present moment, the here and now, so that you may realize paradise.

A state that pulls you from the pain-inducing grief of the past and the anxiety-inducing uncertainty of the future.

A state that frees you from the stories, the self-judgement, the sadness, the overwhelm.

A state that is lush and soft and warm and filled with what we all long for…

Sweet relief.

Let’s let the gate swing and get into the garden.

I want to share light with you.
I want to deliver it via energetic vibrations.
I want to infuse my poetry with power.
I want to alchemize what is inside me into something you can feel within yourself.
To awaken.
To open.
To enliven.
To transform.
I certainly don’t have all of the answers.
But I know that healing can happen when we open, let go, surrender, and love.
Love ourselves. And then we can bravely love others.
Come experience awe, relief, peace, and possibility with me.
And walk away, open to moment-to-moment paradise.

The Content

The Audience

From LA’s Disney Concert Hall to Grand Performances at California Plaza, from NYC’s Town and Village Shul to the Nuyorican Poets’ Café…from Europe to Israel and back again…from Agape Spiritual Center to Lucidity Fest to MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference…my performances are inclusive and for everyone.

Reach out today to learn more about booking me for your next event, spiritual gathering or conference.