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In addition to publishing in various print lit journals and online journals like Soul-Lit and Ginger Zine, I am a resident contributing writer for Hevria and publish there regularly.


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  • In Praise Of Darkness May 6, 2020
    If ever you are ready, the cave’s mouth awaits you; the sacred awaits you.
  • Foresight March 11, 2020
    Foresight rises to the murky surface like a 3:00 am mermaid.
  • Roses and Thunder September 11, 2019
    Who is this Eve? What garden does she haunt?
  • The Betrayal Of Big Brother April 10, 2019
    I recently found out that diamonds are…do you know how old diamonds are? They have been around for anincredibly long time. I had no idea. Diamonds are between 1 and 5 billion years old. Like, the youngest diamond in existence has been herefor 900 million years. Marriage has been around for 4,350 years. In Mandarin, […]
  • Jellyfish Dance Of The Ten Infinities March 27, 2019
    Shekhinah is gatheringall the female and fallen sparksinto her sacred darkness, a cosmological, spiraling,majestic massof literal crystal dust that opalescences in jellyfish heartbeat bellows; I am grateful to this seeming-stillnesswhich allows theseten infinitiestheir full andparadoxical expansion. Find me lost in orchards,sweet-talking peach blossoms. Each trial by fiery furnace,each truth by blue ocean,Sing praise to the tried and true soul. *** Photo: […]
  • I Surrender January 30, 2019
    to the mystery, to the undertow,  the sonic boom, the solitude, the blindness that might or might not precede second sight, every moonbeamy dream, every starry-eyed vision, every last second spent in sweet anticipation, every restless breath, every expectation, my dignity, my faith, my long-expired fire, quirk and desire, my want of belonging, my longing to understand, to the […]
  • WATCH: “New-Style Inauguration” by Rachel Kann January 16, 2019
    I stand with the planet. I stand with the plant spirits. I stand with love. I stand with love. I stand with love. I hereby declare, I do solemnly care.
  • WATCH: “Rock the Bells” by Rachel Kann December 19, 2018
    Rachel's new video for "Rock the Bells!"
  • את / (Eht/Aht) November 21, 2018
    The way the wax makes love to the wane: this is the faithfulness you are held with.
  • Nothing To Lose November 6, 2018
    Whatever the opposite of you is, I’m going for that.