Kind Words

  • “Mama, this book really does make me feel sparkly inside.” (Evianne, 8)
  • “If you think you don’t like poetry, Rachel Kann will disabuse you of that notion…The TEDx UCLA poet’s spoken word shows are mesmerizing as she delivers her words in a driving cadence, propelling her ideas forward with a surprising ferocity. Her meanings are frequently multiple.”
    –Glen Starkey, New Times San Luis Obispo
  • “Rachel Kann is one of my favorite female spoken word artists in the nation. The passion in her work is one of the first things that strikes, before you get seduced into her brilliant use of language and a voice like silken steel.”
    –G. Murray Thomas, NEXT Magazine/LivePoets
  • “‘Your very being is a map of eternity’, writes Rachel Kann in A Prayer on Behalf of the Broken Heart, a book best experienced as just that: a field guide to endurance and the interminable foreverness of G-d. But it’s more than that. ‘The best infinity / The constellation of all possibilities, / Is beyond our comprehension.’ What is most ineffable is most unknowable, even though it permeates every atom of our world. These poems teach us that there is beauty in brokenness, for even that is made from the matter of our maker. This is a rabbinical book.
    –Jill Alexander Essbaum, New York Times best-selling Author and Poet
  • “Each piece in this collection sails lyrically through the grimy sea of human imperfection. And at the conclusion, the shoreline, of so many of these poems, the speaker reveals a counterintuitive secret: Beneath the murky waters of our fallibility resides–has always resided–what is most Divine. This is a deep and beautiful book.”
    –Yehoshua November, Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award Winner, LA Times Book Prize Finalist
  • “Rachel is an absolutely excellent mentor. Whether you are a beginning poet, a seasoned wordsmith or someone in between, working with Rachel will greatly improve your poetry skills and invite you to celebrate the development of your own unique poetic voice. Rachel is brilliant, insightful, compassionate, funny, easy to talk to and always respectful. As a widely-read, published author in her own right, Rachel can guide you through the sometimes rocky process of poetry submission. Rachel’s breadth of experience and knowledge is invaluable to me. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
    –Ruthie Neilson, M.A., Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • “Rachel has been my poetry coach for about 6 months.  She has a way to draw out the poet in me and help me to see more clearly the essence of what I aim to convey and often find a more powerful way to express it.  She probes, challenges, nudges, and inspires all at once. Conversations with her are robust and spirited learning accompanied by so much caring and warmth in her heart.  One-on-one sessions with her have always been instructive and uplifting for me.  I feel very fortunate to have her as my mentor.”
    –Sam Yau, Entrepreneur and Seeker
  • “This oil – sister, this oil. What I can tell you is that, first and foremost, it smells AMAZING – this isn’t a scent that I would ever have considered, not being in the family of scents that I usually wear, but it smells great on me! Rachel was spot-on with a blend that works both with my body and with my personal energy. But the most stunning thing about this oil is that it has curbed a major anxiety for me. It arrived in the mail yesterday, and I put a few strokes on before heading to work. And then I drove to work, which is usually an enormous trigger for my anxiety. But somehow I managed to be behind the wheel of my car without panic, without the nasty surge of adrenaline that has accompanied every car ride I’ve had in the last three years. Just that alone is enough to make me absolutely thrilled with my Realize Paradise’s Bespoke Blend Essential Oil purchase.”
    Apple Moskowitz, Festival Producer, Fine Artist, Writer and Polymath
  • “I am in love with the Bespoke Blend. I’m sensitive to fragrances, but this blend is soft and soothing to my senses. Plus I’m getting a ton of complements. It smells divine and has a calming effect on my heart. Thank you for extending another one of your many gifts to us, Rachel Kann!”
    –Bridget Gray, Internationally Renowned Spoken Word Artist
  • “Rachel is an amazing dance instructor! She is creative and positive and class is always fun and a fantastic workout! Rachel makes us all feel special…she spreads love and creates community wherever she goes…a shining star!”
    –Patti Del Valle, Counselor, Latino Center Director, Santa Monica College
  • I’m a TEDx poet.
  • My children’s book, You Sparkle Inside, was launched at RuPaul’s DragCon LA, where it was the featured book in Drag Queen Story Hour presented by Mrs. Kasha Davis.
  • I’ve performed with artists and leaders such as Marianne Williamson, Michael Bernard Beckwith, daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra, Saul Williams, and Rahzel, at venues like Disney Concert Hall, Royce Hall, The Broad Stage and The San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts
  • My poetry film, “Dancing Lesson,” won Best Overall Film and Best Music at the Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival, and is currently nominated in the Miami Film Fest and Zebra Film Festival in Berlin.
  • My work has been featured on Morning Becomes Eclectic on NPR, as well as “The Weather” on the podcast phenomenon, Welcome to Night Vale
  • I have three spoken word albums: The Upward Spiral, Ptolemaic Complex, and Word to the Why?s, and have collaborated with producers such as Jaz 1, End.User, Tack-Fu, and Gee Gee Gallegos. My work has received accolades from the James Kirkwood Fiction Awards (short story), Writer’s Digest Short-Short Story Awards (micro-fiction), LA Weekly Awards (best supporting actress), Backstage West Garland Awards Critic’s Picks (best supporting actress), and both the audio and video award for the International Slam Idol (poetry).
  • I was commissioned by The Broad Stage to write and perform a contemporary retelling of Peter Pan from Tinker Bell’s perspective, accompanied by Maestra Rachael Worby’s 18-piece orchestra Muse/Ique.
  • My music video, “Lie Down Beside You,” created with director Brad Cooper and choreographer Keith Johnson, has received screenings at the 4 The Camera Film Festival and Landlocked Film Festival. Choreography for the track has been presented at Alvin Ailey Dance Center and The Kennedy Center.
  • My music video, “Drunk,” in collaboration with Student Oscar-nominated and Student Emmy-nominated filmmaker Rahat Mahajan and producer Jaz 1, was awarded Best Music in the Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival.
  • My poetry video, “Mermaid Esther: An Astonishing Fire,” directed by Brad Cooper, was awarded Curator’s Choice in the Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival.
  • I was invited to perform my poetry at TEDx UCLA and in Flight 18 (where I was the DJ and Dance Captain as well) at 3LD Technology in New York City.
  • I was awarded as the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program Outstanding Instructor of the Year in Creative Writing for 2017.