Date(s) - 05/02/2020
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Gather together with me, rachel kann, for an uplifting departure from a traditional Shabbat Service. Realize Paradise Shabbat Soul Journey is taking flight.

Life is changing quickly and we are riding the waves of change as they roll in. I have never brought a Shabbat service online before, but new realities call for new approaches.

Won’t you join me for this blissed out morning glory? There will be davening, chanting, poetry, guided meditation and embodiment practices!

Join Zoom Meeting

This will be a Zoom Room Shabbat Service that invites you into an immersive experience of new/ancient ritual in a *feel-free environment* (as put forth by Capt Reb Eric Wallach) of *non-enforced participation.*

This event is Free!

It’s for all people from all religious (or non-religious) / spiritual (or non-spiritual) / gender (or post-gender) / ethnic / cultural backgrounds. Realize Paradise is devoted to inclusivity.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do (or do not) believe in.

You are welcome to create the experience you need to have. Stay in bed if you want – or stand up and dance – or grab a pillow – or a yoga mat and get comfortable.

Grab a drum or guitar (or whatever’s clever) and jam along. We will be “Zoom Jamming” although/(because) the participants will be muted for much (but not all) of the service, you can jam out as loud as you want with the song leader.

I have been refining this practice and working with various song leaders from various traditions to make this as fun and rich an experience for each participant as possible. It’s really fun.

I endeavor to hold space wherein you are safe and welcome to chant or not chant, pray or not pray, meditate, dance, lie down, sit up, stand, close your eyes, keep them open…you get the idea…feel free!

All is permitted as long as it is respectful of the emotional, spiritual and physical space of others.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I am so looking forward to joining you and these exquisite humans for a soul-soothing Shabbat of morning glory.

(Photo by Portal Priestess Maria Fernandez)