Date(s) - 10/06/2021
10:00 pm - 11:30 pm


October 6th, Wednesday, 4pm-5:30pm HST
Totally FREE, space is limited. We encourage early registration.

Join Ke’oni Hanalei and Rachel Kann for this feminine purge of patriarchy.

According to tropical astrology, Oct. 6th is the Libra new Moon in the Sun of Libra. The power of Libra will be greatly amplified.

Libra rules, and is governed by, Venus, a planet whose energy reverberates tones of love. The scale of Libra denotes incredible fairness in justice. As an air sign, the intellect, Libra has the skill to make justice relatable and with precise equanimity. Many are well aware that we are currently experiencing patriarchy, while some do not recognize that this energy of patriarchy ~ hierarchy, competition, urgency, greed, hostility, crisis, possession, etc. ~ also exist in the gendered female. The sisters, and the non-binary folks, must also purge a patriarchy.

This gathering of women and non-binary folks is offered to gendered women and the non-binary people. The purpose is to purge patriarchy and to transmute and clarify a correction.