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For over a decade, I’ve had the pleasure of leading creative writing workshops for writers of all ages and stages. From professional published poets and novelists, to students at UCLA, to inmates at juvenile detention centers, from kindergarteners to elders, it has been my great privilege to have shared the journey that the healing power of self-expression through the written (and spoken) word has to offer with so many special souls.

I am honored to say that I was the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program Outstanding Instructor of the year in Creative Writing for 2017. Register for one of my upcoming UCLA Extension Writers’ Program Workshops.

Writing is one of the best ways to not only tell a story, but to tell the truth. To get to know yourself, embrace your authenticity and start seeing what truly lives within your heart and mind.

Whether you find writing terrifying or as easy as stepping in a flowing creek, my…

Realize Paradise Online Creative Expression Workshop

…is for you. With my direction and the support of your fellow students, you’re invited to deepen your connection with yourself and access your own creative paradise.

I lead in-person poetry and creativity workshops at various venues such as UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, Isabella Freedman Center, Aleph’s Kallah and more. Check my “Events” page for the latest info.

I also have limited availability for one-on-one coaching. Reach out for more info.

Realize Paradise Online
Creative Expression Workshop

How It Works

Weekly Video Lessons:
Each week, I’ll release one lesson with a story and writing prompt.

Weekly Assignments:
You’ll be given a writing prompt to complete a poem.

Online Forum:
You’ll be encouraged to share your assignment on the forum so that your classmates can offer their praise. However, this is not required.

The Results

Upon completion of the course, you’ll walk away with…
  • 6-8 written poems, your very own body of work
  • Friendships and creative community
  • The self-respect that comes from fulfilling deadlines
  • A renewed belief in yourself and your capabilities
  • Feelings of relief that come from true self-expression
  • And more!
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