We can be brand new.

Black Lives Matter. Please scroll down for an abundance of resources. // Pandemic Update: Though we are physically distant, we can still be spiritually intimate. All my happenings will occur online until further notice. Please check the events page. // It is our birthright to clear away the sharp debris of shame, trauma, and grief—and bask in the sweet relief awaiting in the here/now: the realization of paradise.


Realize Paradise Soul Journeys and The Quickening are funded in part
by Asylum Arts, the Institute for Jewish Creativity at American Jewish University and Custom & Craft.

I’m calling forth every outsider, outcaste and outlier.
This one’s going out to the freaks and the weirdos,
the edge-of-the-bell-curve-dwellers.
The ones who go long.
I’m talking to you.
This is a drawing, a conjuring;
I’m calling forth your inner wisdom,
I’m outing you for your intuition.

Listen, screw me,
take it from Rumi,
who said to
Sell your cleverness
Purchase bewilderment.

My sweetest friend,
can you afford not to?

—“Out” by Rachel Kann

What is paradise?

Like many seeming-paradoxes of our earth school/playground, paradise exists within you, not outside you. You get to taste its sweetness when you stop hiding and start embracing who you really are. It’s found when you realize that the understanding you’ve craved all your life has lived inside you all along.

First, you have to feel safe enough to be yourself. Only then can you get to know who you actually are. Once you reacquaint yourself with yourself, you can start to explore your reality, your desires, your curiosity, your authenticity. You can meet the moment rather than attempting to wrestle your way into “the present.”

It’s time now for you to realize paradise. I invite you to think of your time here with me as a luxe treatment for your soul, where poetry is used as mystical medicine.

Poet / Presenter / Practitioner / Ceremonialist / Human

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